Psychic Medium Karen Shunk Testimonials

Sara R.

I was in search of closure and peace of mind to live my Best and happiest life and I am so thrilled to say I am finally FREE FREE FREE. I am so Thankful Grateful and happy that God sent me to  Karen and Gail, that is how God accomplishes his work here on earth you know, he works in us and through us!!!! Yippee Karen THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing your God given gifts, I am forever grateful!!! You will be my Friend Forever :)


Karen is AWESOME!!!  She is wonderful, kind and amazingly talented. She has a huge heart and loves helping people. She connected with with my close loved ones who have passed over and let me know they are all happy and at peace and are all helping me and cheering me on in my journey to heal my heart.  She was able to tell me their names and described my surrogate Dad Papa Joe to a “T”, he was a character on earth and still is in heaven. Karen knew nothing about me and told me things that no one would ever know were dear to my heart. I was at a place in my life where I had exhausted my search for answers to my broken heart and I cried out to God to help me and show me….and he sent one of my Angels in human form through Karen, Thank you God. Karen saw almost immediately that I needed to release many traumas from my past and she guided me to take the steps to heal my heart and attain the peace and Joy I was so desperately seeking. She recommended another wonderful and amazing healer to help me release old traumas and paradigms……Thank you!!  YAY!!!!

Chris and Wife

Karen you read my palm at the Summerhaven Coffee House one day. You told me Chris and I would stay together and we would have 3 kids. Two of them could be twins but one had a problem you couldn't understand. At the time I had no intention on having children so I didn't think much of it. Here I am 18 years into this marriage, 3 kids and the youngest is severely autistic and often gets mistaken for her sisters twin. You could not have been more spot on! I will sing your praise any day.

Bonnie L.

You called me recently, out of the blue, to tell me you were worried about me. I didn't elaborate at the time, but you had reason for those feelings. I'm a believer.

Linda Anderson

I totally support and recommend this caring loving woman who has a heart as big as the ocean and can guide and help people in life xx